It is proven that the companies or individuals who sent emails to their targeted leads have a higher return on income compared to those who don’t.

Why trouble yourself by manually searching for an email list from online directories? 
We already compiled the database and separated it country-wise for you!

It is always productive to buy an email database. Creating your list and gathering Millions of records will take a lot of time, effort, resources, and many other complications will involve too.

Hence, it is better to do the hard job by database providers, and you can focus on your main business.

WholeDatabase is a powerful collection of databases that will help you with your marketing needs.

Our lists give you access to the information available for your target audience for
 New Zealand and across all New Zealand states.

Our lists can be used in various ways such as generating the sales lead, building a business directory, market research, job seeking, marketing, business analysis, and other purposes.

We have compiled these listings to easily connect with leads in 
New Zealand without any hassle.

Our database can be opened via Microsoft Excel (.csv) to help you search, sort, print, and export the information with ease and convenience.

Accuracy, Bounce Rate

For any business, your potential customer database list is one of your most valuable assets. Without an accurate list, you can’t promote your business efficiently.

You will get the best quality database from us compared to any other source. However, saying that the complete database is 100% accurate and with no bounces will be a lie.

No list is perfect, and no list is static – mistakes are made in collecting customer data.

We will try our best to keep the database bounce-free but that is also true that it might contain some bounces data too because of the following reasons.

These records were collected from the different opt-in forms and from different trusted sources, so there are many cases where while collecting that database records all the details all correct but after some time people change their email, number and sometimes they did typing mistake, 
people switch jobs, stopping using a particular inbox due to multiple email accounts, the domain not renewed, so because of these reasons bounce were present in the current data.

While collecting the database records were valid and but after some time some records will not be valid and come under the bounce, hence bounce may contain in the database and this could happen with any other database.

Since the data quantity is huge hence verification of those IDs will require much effort/time/cost, which would be more than its selling price.

Even if we will verify the database at a certain time and the customer purchase the data after some days/months still it contains bounces not because there is any problem in email verification but as time passes, the bounces may arise due to the above-mentioned reasons, hence it will much better if customer verify these data at their end just before using it.

Although we are very sure about the quality still we left this choice to the customer, if they want to make sure that data does not contain any sort of bounces they can verify this data at their end with the help of the email verification service providers such as EmailVer.comZeroBounce, etc.

You will get the database with less than 8% of total bounces on average. There may some categories/countries which contain high bounce and there will some which contain no or very little bounce hence this 8% figure of bounces is the average of the total database.


Our databases do not contain any personal or confidential information of any individual or any company.

This info is already available in the public domain.

Certainly not in one place, and it will be very difficult to collect this information manually.

We collected it from different sources and with the help of tools, methods, and technologies.

We won’t breach and law in order to collect this information neither we are sharing any personal information such as address or phone number or any other details on our website.

Although it will be suggested to take advice from your own legal team or lawyer or any legal consultant before using it, they will guide you better depend on your local laws according to your country.
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Q. Which payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal. Our aim is to simplify the ordering process and present your email list as soon as possible.
Q. When were your data lists last updated?
A. Our data is verified weekly. We have developed a complex algorithm for this purpose. With this algorithm, we check the accuracy levels of our data against millions of sources and apply necessary updates.
Q. How long does it take to get my email list after I order online?
A. You can instantly download your database after your order is confirmed.
Q. Do customers download files as Excel files?
A. We offer Excel files (.CSV).
Q. Can I feed your files into CRM software easily?
A. Yes, our files (.CSV) are supported by all CRM platforms.
Q. Why is your data so cheap?
A. We do not adjust our pricing for each customer, and we have a transparent pricing policy. We aim to reach as many customers as possible, including startups and small businesses.
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Instantly access over 250 million globally compliant data records to download and use for your sales and marketing campaigns.

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